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Psychedelic Anniversary
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2013-09-27 Lounge At Influenza

2013-09-27 Lounge At Influenza

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Psysonic on 28-02-2014
When: 28-02-2014 | 23:00 - 06:00  
Event title: Psysonic
Where: Subsonic - Groningen
Category: Psytrance
Event details
In Groningen, 3rd BIT has teamed up with Subsonic to be able to deliver our Psy-Trance vibes right to the center of the city.

Subsonic has a good thing going, providing a forum with a huge array of music, ranging from Drum & Bass, Hip Hop to Metal, Techno and last but not least: Goa! The name Psysonic was the obvious choice for our parties at this excellent location.

Subsonic is situated right under a Japanese restaurant in the city's central square. This subterranean party-location hosts one of the most versatile and loyal crowds in the city.

3rd BIT loves Groningen and this party is guaranteed to warm up those cold an windy February nights, as well as providing a chance for you to shift your mood to higher and sunnier planes.

Madwin [ 3rd BIT ]
Audio Terrorist [ 3rd BIT ]
PsyMax [ 3rd BIT ]
Nilezz [ 3rd BIT ]
Paul B [ 3rd BIT / Trishula rec. ]

Full fluo deco by: De-co Assistent and 3rd BIT events

Artwork by: Hakan Hisim


Venue Subsonic
Homepage: http://www.subsonic.nl/  
Street: Grote Markt 21A
ZIP: 9712 HR
City Groningen
Country: NL
Directions to location