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2011-04-22 Moai Fut: 3rd BIT events

2011-04-22 Moai Fut: 3rd BIT events

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Liquid Night on 31-05-2014
When: 31-05-2014 | 22:00 - 04:30  
Event title: Liquid Night
Where: Bibelot - Dordrecht
Category: Psytrance
Event details
Following the first edition on the 22nd of March, Psychedelic Affaire and 3rd BIT Events will organise the second edition on the 31st of May. The organisation has as purpose to continuously develop the event to give you the best GOA / Psy-Trance.

For this edition we once again managed to book some great DJs to guarantee the quality of the music. These DJs will take you on a journey through the depth of the soul and beyond. JeePsteRiouS will kick off the night with his psychedelic sounds and Fatcat will bring a deep progressive set. Furthermore there will be 2 Back2Back sets; Jocid vs Darzid and Paul B vs Nilezz. All in all, from Prog to Dark!

Also this time your eyes will be treated with lovely visual projections by TESH and deco by Chi Deco, Shivanki and 3rd BIT Events.

All together there are many reasons to return to Bibelot for an unforgettable night!

JeePsteRiouS [ 3rd BIT ]
Fatcat [ TCP / IP ]
Jocid [ Pixan rec. ] vs Darzid [ Psychedelic.FM / Retroshaman rec. ]
Nilezz [ 3rd BIT ] vs Paul B [ 3rd BIT / Trishula rec. ]

Full fluo deco by: Chi Deco, Shivanki and 3rd BIT events

Visual projections by: TESH

Proof of identity:
The minimum age is 18 years. When in doubt, your ID will be checked; so bring a valid ID with you to avoid being refused entrance.


Venue Bibelot
Homepage: http://www.bibelot.net  
Street: Noordendijk 148
ZIP: 3311 RR
City Dordrecht
Country: NL
Directions to location