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2014-05-24 Psylumination

2014-05-24 Psylumination

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Psylumination on 24-05-2014
When: 24-05-2014 | 22:00 - 06:00  
Event title: Psylumination
Where: Hundread Sound Accompany - Groningen
Category: Psytrance
Event details
This cooperation between 3rd BIT Events and Psy-Experience is aiming to provide you a refreshing psychedelic experience!

At Psylumination you'll find three beautifully decorated stages: Chill-Out, Light stage and Night stage, all with their own style of music and visuals. The music will range from psychedelic Chill-Out to Prog and Full-On. And as you can expect, there will be a healthy dose of Dark-Psy and Forest.

The party doesn't end here. When you step outside, you can have fun in the Fire Garden and have a smoke in the heated party tent. There also will be lots of extras like fire shows and bodypainting.

Arcuru [ One Foot Groove / Free Flow - PT ]
Button Pushing Monkeys [ Retroshaman rec. ]

Mafcello [ Start The FreakEnd ]
Elunami [ Psy-Experience ]
Tuar'Amandill [ Psy-Experience ]
Shivanki [ 3rd BIT ]
Audio Terrorist [ 3rd BIT ]
D-Lerium [ 3rd BIT ]
Sannergy [ 3rd BIT ]
Mjert [ 3rd BIT ]
Anand [ 3rd BIT ]
Nilezz [ 3rd BIT ]
Kayrunchy [ 3rd BIT ]
Paul B [ 3rd BIT / Trishula rec. ]

3 Psychedelic floors and an outdoor firegarden

Full Fluo Deco by De-co Assistent, CrochetDelicious and 3rd BIT Events

Visual Projections by WouZ

Sound by Psy-Experience

Bodypaint artist


Venue Hundread Sound Accompany
Homepage: http://www.oefenruimte-groningen.nl/  
Street: Pop Dijkemaweg 31 B
ZIP: 9731 BB
City Groningen
Country: NL
Directions to location