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Psy`s Labyrinth 17-06-2017
Northern Abduction 03-06-2017
Photos of Burning Women 28-04-2017
Burning Women 28-04-2017
Recordings of PsyFreaks 07-04-2017
Photos of PsyFreaks 07-04-2017
PsyFreaks 07-04-2017
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Psy`s Labyrinth
Neushoorn, Leeuwarden
Northern Abduction
Go A Head, Lageland
Burning Women
Rekreacni stredisko Meziricko, Merin u D1
Neushoorn, Leeuwarden
Psychedelic Anniversary
Mukkes, Leeuwarden
Freaks Of The Forest
Simplon, Groningen

2011-05-14 Soulcatchers

2011-05-14 Soulcatchers

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DJ PsyMax [ 3rd BIT ]

DJ PsyMax is born in Groningen, in the north of the Netherlands.

He has the musical genes from his father; both are crazy about good sounds and vibes. Brought up with all kinds of genres, he eventually got hooked on GOA and Psy-Trance. It's the diversity of the music, that makes him wonder if he'll ever stop loving it.

The first Psy-Trance album he bought was Tip.World's Hallucinations album, and he loved it right away. However, he did not know there was a big Psy community in Groningen, until he met GoaFreaky, Moon D and many others somewhere at a party in Kropswolde. Since then they are good friends, went to many parties together and inspired eachother to create GOA and Psy sounds.

In his younger years he learned the basics on creating music by experimenting with software like Fasttracker and Technomaker. His plans are to re-start creating music. Therefore he is busy to get the right equipment and software.

In 2007 he bought his first CDJ set, on which he has been practicing almost every day to create, that what itches his mind&soul and makes peoples feet move.

For bookings, feel free to send a mail to: This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it .

PsyMax - Freaks Of The Forest
[ 26-09-2015 - Simplon, Groningen ]

PsyMax - MONO
[ 12-06-2015 - Atak, Enschede ]

Paul B vs PsyMax - Psylumination
[ 30-05-2015 - HSA, Groningen ]

PsyMax - Play! Festival - The Asian Edition
[ 16-05-2015 - Landscape Studio, Gauw ]

PsyMax - Cosmic Hazard
[ 18-04-2015 - De Troubadour, Groningen ]

PsyMax - Psylumination
[ 29-11-2014 - HSA, Groningen ]

PsyMax - Psychedelic Anniversary
[ 28-06-2014 - De Balk, Groningen ]

PsyMax - Psysonic
[ 28-02-2014 - Subsonic, Groningen]

PsyMax - Shivers
[ 31-10-2013 - Home Recording, Hoogezand ]

PsyMax - Psychedelic Anniversary
[ 26-10-2013 - Gloppe, Leeuwarden ]

PsyMax - Psysonic
[ 29-03-2013 - Subsonic, Groningen ]

PsyMax - Psysonic
[ 25-01-2013 - Subsonic, Groningen ]

PsyMax - Cosmic Hazard
[ 25-05-2012 - Klup, Groningen ]

PsyMax - MindWorks II
[ 04-02-2012 - Special Location, Warten ]

PsyMax - Goa Fantasy IV
[ 24-09-2011 - Landscape Studio, Gauw ]

PsyMax - Psychedelic Anniversary
[ 27-08-2011 - Gloppe, Leeuwarden ]

PsyMax - MindWorks
[ 05-02-2011 - Special Location, Warten ]