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LCLS Invites 3rd BIT Events 25-01-2020
PsyFreaks 29-11-2019
Home Bass #3: 3rd BIT & Pollepel Raves 15-11-201
Recording of Nothing to celebrate 26-10-2019
Photos of Nothing to celebrate 26-10-2019
Nothing to celebrate 26-10-2019
Helden fan Hjir 2019 - 3rd BIT stage 13-10-2019
Recordings of Psychedelic Anniversary 04-10-2019
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LCLS Invites 3rd BIT Events
Neushoorn, Leeuwarden...
Neushoorn, Leeuwarden
Home Bass #3: 3rd BIT & Pollepel Raves
Hemingway, Leeuwarden...
Nothing to celebrate
Hemingway, Leeuwarden
Helden fan Hjir 2019 - 3rd BIT stage
Mukkes, Leeuwarden...
Psychedelic Anniversary
Mukkes, Leeuwarden

2013-02-23 Progress In Trance

2013-02-23 Progress In Trance

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DJ Psykela [ 3rd BIT ]

Psykela was born in Leiden and grew up there and in Rijnsburg, after high school moving to Delft. He was always listening to music; pretty much anything electronic, but it wasn't until making new friends in Delft around 2007, that he started listening to Psy-Trance. After his first party in Hasselt with Hallucinogen and Infected Mushroom, he knew he finally found the music style he was looking for all that time! In the years after he went to many different parties, visited Ozora, Wonderland and other festivals. When he noticed that a lot of the music he listened to at home was under-represented at parties, he bought his own controller to be able to play those tracks himself, and in 2010 DJ Psykela was born!

DJ Psykela also got involved with Psychedelic.FM, throwing a series of parties in Delft with that group of friends. At one of these parties 3rd BIT Events was invited to participate, and a wonderful connection was made. Ever since then the friendships grew closer, more collaborations were started like organizing the Activation Synthesis parties in Leiden with DJ Shivanki, and in 2017 he was adopted into the 3rd BIT PsyFreaks-family!

Psykela plays mostly full power night-psy, but can enjoy some progressive or morning style aswell; as long as it has that funky psychedelic vibe, with lots of energy to match his.

For bookings, feel free to send a mail to: This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it .

Psykela - Psychedelic Anniversary
[ 16-03-2018 - Mukkes, Leeuwarden ]

Psykela - PsyFreaks
[ 03-09-2016 - Neushoorn, Leeuwarden ]

Psykela - MONO
[ 12-06-2015 - Atak, Enschede ]

Psykela - Twilight Circus
[ 15-03-2014 - O.J.V. de Koornbeurs, Delft ]