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HedoniXX - 20 years of Hedonix
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Psychedelic Anniversary - Bicycle Day
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Hundread Sound Accompany, Groningen

2012-04-21 Progress In Trance

2012-04-21 Progress In Trance

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Hedoversity on 29-04-2016
When: 29-04-2016 | 18:00 - 15:00  
Event title: Hedoversity
Where: Rekreacni stredisko Meziricko - Merin u D1
Category: Psytrance
Event details
Dear Students
Hedoversity invites all enthusiasts and supporters of lifelong learning in applied psychedelia and hedonism on intensive course of psynglish and associated sciences which will be held between 29.4. and 1.5.2016 in RS Meziricko near Merin.

During this short, but fruitful and fulfilling training course you will acquire plethora of mind-blowing knowledge concerning pure and impure musical and visual forms. Furthermore, you will definitely appreciate subjects like Advanced Stoneology, Applied Chemistry, Sacred Geometry for every day life or Hedonism and its postmodern interpretations.

In context of our highly efficient exchange program Orgasm, we managed to invite famous american professor of Liveactology - Ghreg on Earth and very well known engineer from Germany, professor of Nuclear Psyences - Radioactive Cake who will introduce his research on Psynergetic infusion and much, much more...

Extraordinary enthusiasts might also appreciate our special mystical and therapeutic workshop - Dissection of living pet toys.

Please do not forget to pickup your Psyndex at the gate to the campus. On the same place, you can also receive psydiplomas and other prestigious certificates for your future space career.

We are looking forward to see you and remember, education is the best investment into your future!

This year's edition is from 29-04-2016 to 01-05-2016.

The following 3rd BIT crew members will perform:

Nilezz [ 3rd BIT ]
Shivanki [ 3rd BIT ]
Wichuri [ 3rd BIT ]
Mjert [ 3rd BIT ]

For more info, visit the Hedonix page on Facebook.


Venue Rekreacni stredisko Meziricko
Homepage: No Homepage available  
City Merin u D1
Country: CZ
Directions to location