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Neushoorn, Leeuwarden
XIX Geriatrix Psychedelic Paradisco
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Asgaard Ostara 2018
Asgaard, Leeuwarden
Psychedelic Anniversary
Mukkes, Leeuwarden
Psychedelic Anniversary
Mukkes, Leeuwarden
Psychedelic Anniversary - 15 years of psychedelic trance
Neushoorn, Leeuwarden...

2010-04-24 Progress In Trance

2010-04-24 Progress In Trance

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Psychedelic Anniversary - 15 years of psychedelic trance parties 17-11-2017
When: 17-11-2017
Where: Neushoorn - Leeuwarden

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3rd BIT Events is coming to Neushoorn for the seventh time. This time they are celebrating their 15th anniversary. The last 15 years many DJs, volunteers and other PsyFreaks made almost 150 psytrance parties possible!

The evening will begin in the Arena with progressive psytrance and will gradually build up to heavier trance. Throughout the evening more relaxed sounds will be played in the Foyer. What's going to be played in the Foyer will remain a surprise. The entire lineup will be filled by 13 3rd BIT DJs, who will fill the night in various back2back combinations.

To complete the visual aspect of the night, there will be the well-known extravagant psychedelic decoration.

We all dare you to bring your best dance moves! Together with 3rd BIT we will make sure this night is one of the best!
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